Sister Helen Prejean on The Thirteenth Turn

“The Thirteenth Turn is a thoughtful, profound book. Jack Shuler has taken an object we are all too familiar with in our history-the noose-and found in its story an urgent lesson on how to live.”

Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ, author of DEAD MAN WALKING and DEATH OF INNOCENTS

The Thirteenth Turn: A History of the Noose (August 26, 2014)

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“Shuler’s account is a kind of shadow history of America: for all the celebrated strides we’ve made towards integration and harmony, those victories are hollow without an appreciation for what they vanquished. The Thirteenth Turn is a courageous and searching book that reminds us where we come from, and what is lost if we forget.”

Review of Blood and Bone in International Journal of Conflict and Resolution

“Shuler has a talent for appreciating and describing the characters of the people he interviews, and by the end of the book I felt I had met an interesting cross-section of the citizens, black and white, who lived in Orangeburg in 1968 and live there still…Shuler’s book is a local history, but then all history when examined deeply becomes local. The Orangeburg tragedy of 1968 was rooted in two centuries of American racial injustice, and its after-life in the psyches of Orangeburg residents tells us a good deal about where America stands on racial matters, even today.”