The Stories I Don’t Hear about the Rust Belt

Last Friday as I drove to the airport with Ceciel, the BBC was trying to explain why people in the Rust Belt are interested in Donald Trump. A reporter had parachuted in to a former steel town in Western Pennsylvania.

He had his mic. His English accent. His wit.

And he found, well, rust. And boarded up houses. And heroin. And unemployed people.

And not surprisingly, he also found anger.


I was hoping he would find the people who were working to change things, the people on the ground with new ideas and old ideals. Those people are out there. I’ve seen them. I’ve even interviewed a few of them.

Tomorrow, Newark, Ohio, a post-industrial town that should be full of anger and rage (according to the BBC), is breaking ground on a new farmers market.

The entire town square is getting a gorgeous makeover. New businesses and young entrepreneurs have put down roots. Community organizers are working to make this town sustainable for all people.

Good things. There are good things.



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