Trump Signs I’ve Seen

“Trump—Make America Great Again”

Cardboard sign with white lettering on field of navy blue, found in yards around this country, seen most recently in Ohio and North Carolina.

“Trump—Best for USA”

Large piece of plywood painted white, red lettering, attached to electrical pole, Highway 33, Athens County, Ohio

“Dump Trump”

White with red and black lettering, on Blue Prius, CVS Pharmacy parking lot, Licking County, Ohio.

“God, Guns, and Coal. Trump”

Small board painted white with red lettering, small American flag attached to the top of sign, Highway 62, Knox County, Ohio.


Letters on official Trump sign manipulated, friend re-posted on Facebook.

“Trump as giant pile of shit”

Brown pile of shit with blonde hair and flies swarming, Google Image search.

“Trump—Make America Great Again!” and “Unapologetically American!”

Homemade decals with white lettering on windows of white Landcruiser, parking lot of North Market, Columbus, Ohio.


Written on a Confederate flag, outside Trump rally in Greensboro, North Carolina, in a friend’s Facebook feed.

“Trump—Pray for our Nation. Take Our Country Back”

White lettering on black billboard, along I-75, 7 miles south of Dalton, Georgia.

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