Poll Watching

I showed up early. 6AM. I followed the rules explained to me in my training and dutifully sat and observed my polling station in the village of Granville, Ohio, for four hours straight. It was totally boring. I’d only been in Ohio for year, brought there from New York City by a tenure-track job atContinue reading “Poll Watching”

Where Some People Live

Christine says she has lived in Newark, Ohio, most of her life. When she was growing up, though, her family moved around a lot because her father was in the military. They lived in Texas, Arizona, Oregon. “I really liked the West,” she says smiling, “all them wide open spaces.” When I met Christine thisContinue reading “Where Some People Live”

#600: The Aftermath of the Murder of Philando Castile

So if you can make it through this, pay attention to the moment just after passenger Diamond Reynolds is removed from the car and detained. The camera reveals only blue sky and power-line. And you can hear the police officer who has just killed yet another black man in the United States shout, “F**k!” AndContinue reading “#600: The Aftermath of the Murder of Philando Castile”

Trump Signs I’ve Seen

“Trump—Make America Great Again” Cardboard sign with white lettering on field of navy blue, found in yards around this country, seen most recently in Ohio and North Carolina. “Trump—Best for USA” Large piece of plywood painted white, red lettering, attached to electrical pole, Highway 33, Athens County, Ohio “Dump Trump” White with red and blackContinue reading “Trump Signs I’ve Seen”